In the New year on the Ground will overwhelm the most powerful magnetic storm

Magnetic storms affect the mood and health of the inhabitants of the Earth.

У Новий рік на Землю обрушиться сама потужна магнітна буря

Institute of terrestrial magnetism says that a storm on 4 December again, reports Rus.Media. This happens in the night from 2017 to 2018.

Experts said that these natural phenomena occur once a month, every 27 days. In this new year’s eve, the Sun will perform a rotation around its axis and back again to the land of the coronal hole, which causes magnetic storms.

In the planetarium noted that magnetic storms have no influence on the Sun. However, they affect mood and well-being of the inhabitants of the Earth.

“Sorry, feel bad, are likely to be people who suffer from chronic diseases, and storms will negatively affect the operation of the equipment and the navigation device. Migratory birds, by the way, also depend on it.”

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