In the Network there are new footage of the tragedy with the ship in Budapest. Video

В Сети появились новые кадры трагедии с теплоходом в Будапеште. Видео

Seen on the network as the ship pushes the smaller boat, and then people throw lifebuoys

After the collision of two ships on the Danube in Budapest, in which seven people were killed and 21 more are missing, a new video from the scene of the tragedy, writes the with reference for Today.

The video, posted to Youtube, was taken onboard the ship, standing on the dock at the right Bank of the river. The footage of the shooting shows how a large cruise ship Viking Sigyn and pleasure boat the “mermaid” held under the Margaret bridge.

On the record there is no moment when a smaller boat is flipped, but you can see how Viking Sigyn catches the Mermaid and pushes it in front of him.

Venice cruise liner crashed into the pier and in the tourist boat

Shortly after the collision, the larger ship stops and passes back along her deck, and they throw lifebuoys, and in the water seen people.

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