In the Network appeared the Ukrainian parody trailer for “Game of thrones”. Video

В Сети появился украинский трейлер пародии на «Игру престолов». Видео

The film will be released on June 20.

The network published a Ukrainian dubbed trailer American Comedy-parody of the popular TV series “Game of thrones,” reports the with reference to League.

The film entitled “Games of thrones” (Purge of Kingdoms) will tell the story of the lords of the eight kingdoms who will attend the Feast of the purification, to bury the hatchet. But Bold King thought of something else and everything goes according to plan.

Polyakova said the creation of the “female” party. Video

In the main galah: Lou Ferrigno (“Hulk,” “the Incredible Hulk”), Anna Hutchison (“Cabin in the woods,” “Spartacus”), Angus Macfadyen (“brave heart”, “equilibrium”, “Saw 3”), Madison McKinley (“the Wolf of wall street”), Adam bond (“Kick-ass 2”), Michael Walter (“Chronicles of Narnia”) and others. The Director of the movie was made by Ara Pia.

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