In the Netherlands – water shortage due to drought

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 Water shortage due to drought in the Netherlands

The Dutch government has announced water shortages after an unusually dry summer. No rain is forecast for the next two weeks.

Reuters reports this.

Two-thirds of the Dutch population live below sea level, so droughts could become an acute problem, leading to siltation rivers and impede water movement.

Another problem can be the drying up of dams – many of them require the weight of water to stay strong.

Michel Blom of the Public Works Agency and the country's water resources management said: “For several weeks now, we have been seeing how the Netherlands is becoming drier due to evaporation in our country and very low river flow from abroad.”

In connection with droughts, people were urged to conserve water and not to use surface water for irrigation, as far as it is concerned, in the first place. As noted, the problem does not affect drinking water.

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