In the Netherlands, people protest against COVID passports

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People in the Netherlands are protesting against COVID passports < p>

Documents have become mandatory for access to bars, restaurants, theaters.

Protesters gathered on Saturday, September 25, on the streets of several cities in the Netherlands. People are unhappy with the fact that from that day the so-called & # 171; coronavirus passes & # 187; began to operate in the country. restaurants, theaters and the like. They must contain a QR code, which proves vaccination or a negative test.

The Netherlands protests against a mandatory COVID passport

A new requirement to show a pass (indicating a vaccination against coronavirus or a negative test for it) for access to bars, restaurants, etc. caused a part of the Dutch population & nbsp; dissatisfaction .

People came to the rally on September 25 (the day the changes were introduced). However, as journalists noted, there were hardly more than a thousand protesters at the most massive rally.

By the way, in the Netherlands, some anti-coronavirus measures were even weakened, as noted in the Dutch News: for example, wearing masks became mandatory only in transport, and in schools it was canceled.

Please Note: Most Dutch people, according to opinion polls, support the introduction of COVID passports. On the other hand, roughly half of food service owners say they will fundamentally not ask customers for proof of vaccination.

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