In the laboratory of an Israeli university, sperm was grown “in vitro”

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 Sperm grown "in vitro" in an Israeli university laboratory

Researchers at Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) have developed a way to create sperm in the lab, marking a potential breakthrough in fertility and reproductive science.

Scientists have developed a procedure for culturing testicular cells in an environment that closely resembles the natural environment.

Researchers have built a 3D model and tested it on cells from young male mice that are not yet capable of producing sperm. A few weeks later, developing spermatozoa were found in the model, marking the success of the experiment.

This study breaks new ground in the treatment of male infertility. Another perspective is the preservation of fertility in children undergoing aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, which during puberty may affect their ability to have children.

drugs and toxins on male fertility”, — says study co-author Prof. Mahmoud Huleikhel from the Faculty of Medical Sciences at BGU.

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