In the Kiev subway fight drunken passengers. Video

Video recorded one of the witnesses.

On Friday evening, may 31, in Kiev metro on the red branch was a fight, reports the with reference on the Facts.

The publication says that at the entrance to the metro station “left Bank” drunken passengers in one of the cars behaved very rudely, let go of obscene jokes and swearing and provoked standing next to the guy. The young man could not stand bullying and responded to the bullies, and then the fight started.

The video shows how the fighters are trying to grab each other, looking for the armbar, and run up to them men and women with the aim to separate the combatants.

“In the end, all in blood, barely razboronil”, — stated in the message.

Users reacted to the video by condemning the bullies: “Dolboebi”, “I Wonder, button, communication with the engineer someone screaming pressed?”, “TSE STU unfortunately the norm!”

Some readers suggest to be more attentive supervisors.

“As children, controllers can run, print, they don’t like, or something else. How drunkards are drunk you miss” — they complain.

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Some users, tired of such incidents, offer to act in more radical ways: “In the subway drunk to let the rules don’t have to, the guy to whom they ought now let the compensation paid,” “the plane is removed and in jail! The metro is also the most necessary.”

In the metro, “red line”, at the entrance to the metro station “left Bank” was a fight. According to witnesses, two men had provoked the guy, yelled obscenities, the guy broke down and started a fight. In the end, all in blood, barely razboronil.

Gepostet von Kiev Operational am Freitag, 31. Mai 2019

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