In the Internet appeared the video, which showed the cabin of the day of judgment

У мережі з'явилося відео, на якому показали салон літака Судного дня

E-4B Nightwatch
/ pikabu

Online has posted a detailed video of the air command post of the air force U.S. E-4B Nightwatch, also known as the aircraft “judgment day”. The video appeared on the YouTube channel, AIRBOYD.

The Boeing E-4B is armed with the U.S. air force and is intended to guide US in case of nuclear war. The video showed areas of the upper and middle decks, in particular, the briefing room and command the kitchen.

Now the air force has four E-4B, which are based on a long-haul double-deck wide-body passenger aircraft Boeing 747-200. The vessel must become command posts for the senior management of USA in the case that the ground control would be destroyed by a nuclear attack. The first flight of the E-4B Nightwatch made in June 1973.

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