In the house of famous Russian singer found dead: first details of the tragedy

В доме известного российского певца найден труп: первые подробности трагедии

Yesterday in the house of a well known Moscow singer was discovered the corpse of a woman

On the morning of 10 February in the village of Tolstopaltsevo (New Moscow, Vnukovo area) in the house on Chekhov street, owned by EfE Solntsevo, singer of the chanson and the local crime boss, was found lifeless female body, Russian media reported. Police were notified by a call to some women.

В доме известного российского певца найден труп: первые подробности трагедии

Law enforcement agencies initiated the investigation.

As previously reported, the network merged “execution” lists of names of activists of the Maidan, which the government of Yanukovych had planned to exterminate with the help of police and crime.

About this on his page in the social network said social and political activist Nazar Kravchenko.

“Based on these lists, we had to kill…During the Maidan activists worked 3 “death squad” (some band from Kharkov, a gang of Kadyrov’s men, and a gang of workers such as the Department of the interior). We had a list of the fans of “Dynamo”, which was supposed to kill. Sergey Filimonov (Serhii Filimonov) and toljan Coach has topped the list of the 198 people (they gave the killers 10 000 Euro, and for the other 5000$)”, — said the activist.

“What is this list? The list was prepared by the cops, and to obey was a crime. This, if I am not mistaken, some police database like “essay” is called. And they are in the list brought all the fans of “Dynamo” and then modified (added the addresses of which you can catch) and passed the crime. The same lists were separately on C14, Liberty, Automaidan, and other active participants. But we lived on the Maidan, and therefore survived), added Nazar Kravchenko.

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В доме известного российского певца найден труп: первые подробности трагедии

Also, the police of the Yanukovych set up a scheme of destruction of property of Ukrainian activists, in particular cars.

“Then the same cops the same crime began to order the burning of cars. First, we gave 1000 Euro for the car arson in rooms with Western Ukraine, and then 500 Euro for the arson of vehicles with arbitrary numbers. The scheme worked as follows: the pyromaniac threw off the cops numbers of cars that wanted to burn, and then if that number wrote a statement about the arson, the pyromaniac got his 500 Euro per car,” — says Kravchenko.

But, fortunately, Maidan won, and managed to avoid the dozens of innocent victims.

We will remind, the Berkut officer, who clocked Maidan, headed by the police, he is described as a responsible and conscientious”.

As reported Politeka, flirting, President Putin will lead to a new conflict, the situation is reminiscent of 2013.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine is preparing a coup d’etat and seizure of power, created a new army.

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