In the French Seine, they try to save the whale

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 Trying to save a whale in the French Seine

A beluga whale has been spotted in the Seine River in France, and authorities are now trying to figure out how to save a mammal that normally lives in frigid Arctic waters.

French authorities have said the animal is now located near the lock in Vernon, about 70 km northwest of Paris.

Members of the public are urged to stay away from the whale.

Experts wonder why the whale swam so far to south of his natural habitat.

“Now the challenge is to feed him and try to escort him to the ocean,” — says Lamia Essemlaly, head of environmental group Sea Shepherd France.

She said pulling the animal out of the water was out of the question as it was too risky.

reported the size of the animal, but the adult beluga whale – toothed whale from the narwhal family – can grow up to four meters in length.

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