“In the footsteps of Russian Jewry” – an online quest for everyone

At ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People, with the support of the Nadav Foundation, representatives of the museum and the AQuest company presented a unique educational and entertainment project & ndash; online quest “ In the Footsteps of Russian Jewry. ''

Quests, both street and virtual, are now one of the most popular entertainment formats, which, if desired, can become educational. This is exactly what the museum thought and created for everyone for whom national identity is important, an interesting quest that can help Russian-speaking participants immerse themselves in the history of the Jewish people from ancient times to the present day. Cunningly composed tasks, a convenient system of hints, interesting videos and a guide to the quest, the famous Israeli blogger Ksenia Sova, help to reproduce the gefilte fish recipe, to guess the encrypted address of the safe house or the city where the ancestors settled.

This unique quest is available in Telegram and can be played anywhere in the world using only a smartphone.
The presentation was held in one of the museum's halls for guests who came from all over the country and was broadcast online all over the world. The creators of the quest were listened to in Germany and Russia, Israel and even in Australia. Not only listened, but also had the opportunity to go through the demo task and win a prize & ndash; a virtual tour of the ANU exposition.

Development Director of the Nadav Foundation Roman Kogan said: “ It is very important for us to work with a wide variety of guests, both physically and virtually visiting our museum. We do a lot to ensure that the museum is accessible to Russian-speaking visitors living not only in Israel, but all over the world. Now we can offer not only a large selection of online tours with our guides, but also a unique quest aimed mainly at young people around the world, which we are proud to present today. With its help, you can delve into the history of the origin of the people, its Russian-speaking community and find out your roots. ”

 & quot; In the footsteps of Russian Jewry & quot; & ndash; online quest for everyone

The face of the quest is Ksenia Sova, a popular Israeli blogger. At the presentation, Ksyusha talked about how she filmed for the quest, what it means to her, and also about what it feels like & ndash; to be a real exhibit of the museum.

AQuest company, namely its representatives: Konstantin Zinkov, Igor Gulman and Mikhail Butovsky, talked about how the quest was created, how to successfully complete it and showed its demo version to the guests. Full version of the quest “ In the Footsteps of Russian Jewry '' is already available for passage in Telegram and on the website of the ANU Museum.
The quest is unique not only in that anyone can go through it completely free of charge, but also because it can be used as part of educational programs.

The ANU Museum puts a lot of energy and love into the educational process, and the quest “ In the Footsteps of Russian Jewry '' & ndash; an easy and interesting way to help participants learn the history of Jewry in a modern playful way.

A link to the test can be found on the website of the ANU, the Museum of the Jewish People:

https: //www.anumuseum .org.il/ru/online-quest-in the footsteps-in Russian/

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Photo – Alexandra Rabinovich

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