In the family of Ronaldo there was trouble: “Fighting for my life”

В семье Роналду произошла беда: «Борюсь за свою жизнь»

Star striker Turin Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo is experiencing a sad event – his mother was diagnosed with a dangerous disease

Previously, Dolores, Aware already treated of this disease, but then she was able to fight it.

Thus, it became known that the mother of a football player happened relapse of breast cancer.

В семье Роналду произошла беда: «Борюсь за свою жизнь»

The mother of a football player admitted to new health problems on the eve of a trip to Italy on 35th birthday of his son.

It is reported by the daily British newspaper the Mirror.

In an interview with Portuguese TV channels Dolores said, “I had surgery on the other breast in Madrid, I had radiotherapy and now I am fighting for my life.”

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the family of Juventus star striker Cristiano Ronaldo going through the death of the father of the girl footballer. Father-in-law Ronaldo Jorge Eduardo rodríguez died at the age of 70 years.

Soccer girl player Georgina Rodriguez flew to Argentina on the eve of death, to spend the last days with the father. In his youth Eduardo rodríguez was a professional soccer player in Argentina, but he has not achieved.

Edition Hola reports that a possible cause of death was complications from a stroke, which Jorge Eduardo suffered two and a half years ago. From Georgina Rodriguez was a complex story associated with his father. Jorge left the girl’s family at a very early age and then disappeared for more than 11 years.

В семье Роналду произошла беда: «Борюсь за свою жизнь»

After his long absence, the father returned and the family reunited, but they soon again waiting for the collapse. Jorge Eduardo decided to go into business, opened a diner, but ran up huge debts and went bankrupt. The restaurant together with the house and car was taken away by the court. The family once again fell apart.

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After that, the father of Georgina went to Argentina, her mother settled in Rome, and the girl with her older sister Ivana remained in Spain.

Also last year, appeared in the media information about the criminal past of father-in-law Ronaldo – he has twice served time in prison for drug trafficking. In 2003 he was first sentenced to 11 years for attempting to smuggle the cocaine worth more than 100 thousand pounds from Spain to France.

In 2008, he took early to again soon to go to jail in 2011 for smuggling hashish on one million pounds. Rodriguez-senior left to chance in 2013.

Recall about the sex scandal with Ronaldo: “victim” called the question price

As reported Politeka, “victim” Ronaldo told all the details: Lured into the bath.

Also Politeka told Cristiano Ronaldo was suspended from matches for the Portuguese national team after the sex scandal.

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