In the evening before bedtime or in the morning before work: 7 rules for better sex in the shower

Ввечері перед сном або вранці перед роботою: 7 правил для найкращого сексу в душі

These tips will help you to get maximum pleasure from sex in the shower

Sex in the shower – perfect fun for those who have already studied every square inch of the bed and the carpet beside him. However, to get the maximum enjoyment, you need to prepare thoroughly. Share with you a rule that will allow you to do the best sex in the shower!

So as not to hurt yourself and get maximum pleasure from having sex in the shower?

1. Stick to the prelude

If you are uncomfortable, can’t find a suitable pose and the idea of sex in the shower begins to irritate, limit yourself to mutual caresses. Touch the partner, play with soap foam, kiss under the water jets do massage is a good warm up both. And when will enjoy plenty of each other can proceed in a safe and comfortable place, such as in the bedroom. There is and will continue.

2. Avoid soap

Lather each other very erotic, but only at the stage of foreplay. If it came to intercourse, get shower gel as far as possible. If it enters the perineum, it will be a strong irritant to mucous membranes. In any case, do not use cosmetics instead of a lubricant. Otherwise, a night of love can turn into a nightmare.

Ввечері перед сном або вранці перед роботою: 7 правил для найкращого сексу в душі

Soap may cause discomfort

3. In advance, prepare a condom

To break the package with wet hands is not very convenient. While you’re messing around, all romantic mood will vanish. Therefore, remove the condom in advance and put it next to be able to quickly take it. And so, contraception is absolutely necessary. Don’t think that water will prevent the sperm and prevent unwanted pregnancy. This is not so. In addition, the condom will protect you from STIs.

4. Don’t forget the lubricant

You may think this is unnecessary: in the shower and already wet. But the water is not oil, it won’t make the penetration smooth and soft. On the contrary, the liquid will wash away the natural selection. Through it appears the dryness in vagina and that sex would lead to microcracks. If you koronatsiya NOT a condom, but in other ways, use a lubricant based on silicone. In contrast to the water-based, it can NOT be washed. However, the silicone destroys latex, so with a condom you can only use water-based lubricant. Shower will have to be disabled or removed so that the spray does not impinge on the genitals.

5. Be careful

Sex in the shower can cause injuries. Here you can easily fall, bump or accidentally take down the shelves with toiletries. Try to avoid any sudden movements, don’t lean on the slippery surface – the side of the tub or sink. Under the feet of podstolice Mat or towel, to prevent slipping on smooth floor.

Ввечері перед сном або вранці перед роботою: 7 правил для найкращого сексу в душі

Remember that bath or shower slippery

6. Select correct posture

To have sex in the shower perfect these postures:

  • on my knees
  • doggie-style while standing
  • doggie-style with tilt
  • face-to-face
  • ballerina
  • standing
  • octopus
  • Lotus

The main thing – do not overdo it, because attempts to show their “gymnastic” ability may result in the fact that you will spend the evening in the emergency room.

7. Choose waterproof sex toys

If you decided to help yourself with a vibrator, first make sure that it can be used in such conditions. Range of waterproof stimulators are now huge. Well, if the suitable toys on hand, use a shower head: jets of warm water is excellent excite.

And to get as much pleasure from sex in the shower thanks to the hits, time-tested Radio MAXIMUM. Love and be loved!

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