In the developed world is rapidly gaining popularity — hire ek

EC became a way of solving the housing problem

 В розвинених країнах світу стрімко набирає популярність — оренда за sекs

Share rent housing in the developed world is steadily growing — in their homes and apartments, many just can’t afford it. At the same time increases the number of people not willing to pay even the rent, especially in large cities, where rates are traditionally higher than in the periphery. New scheme of settlements between tenants and property owners. One of the rapidly growing popularity of — hire for sex, reports Rus.Media.

English classic

That property owners in London and the surrounding area offer tenants to pay for the stay sexual services, it was reported about a year ago. The relevant ads are posted mainly on Craigslist.

In the UK there is no law prohibiting the advertising of sexual services on the Internet sites. On Craigslist you can find offers “free rent for a pretty girl”, “free beds for women in Central London” — with the condition that the woman will engage in sexual relations with the owner at least once a week.

In the spring of 2017 journalists broadcasting Corporation BBC has spoken to members of these rental schemes. It turned out that most employers were forced to agree to a sex rental when no other choice but to stay on the street) no, while homeowners believe the scheme is mutually beneficial. One of them said, “sex with benefits” — the latter, of course, is a free roof over my head.

 В розвинених країнах світу стрімко набирає популярність — оренда за sекs

The supply of housing for sex can be found in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other countries.

 В розвинених країнах світу стрімко набирає популярність — оренда за sекs

Last summer in the American city of Oswego, new York, six women filed a lawsuit against the landlord, owns dozens of apartments in the city. As reported by the portal all of the plaintiff rented housing, and all he offered to lower the rent in exchange for sex.

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Yeah, so it was possible

In Russia, despite its vysokoduhovnym and apparent lack of the majority of citizens of extra money, the rental scheme for sex is also gradually gaining popularity. Several groups, where users publish relevant ads that are on a social network “Vkontakte”. This, for example, “no place to live | free Housing”, “Rent gift•Assistance with housing”, “Give away,buy,sell,rent housing”.

Publications from offer housing similar in meaning:

“Hooked the girl, live alone! Money is not necessary.” (here and below, the style and spelling of the authors of the ad fully preserved).

“Settle for free to his 2-com. apartment for student or girl for a serious relationship (like girls full appearance), I’m 24 years old. Well earned I would care and love. If you have problems with work or money can help content from 45 000 RUB. per month. I live in Moscow near the metro station “Polezhaevskaya”.

 В розвинених країнах світу стрімко набирає популярність — оренда за sекs

“Unable to write to help the girl for a couple weeks with housing. When mutual sympathy can continue to live together will. Moscow, Center”.

“Sat down next! A Russian girl!!! or a couple of girls!!! or a girl child!!! from 18 to 30 years old, neat, kind, honest, bi, SEX — IMG (Threesome — approx. “Home”), friendship, fellowship and free food with us, from 18 to 30 years… Call us! WE ARE CLEAN, FRIENDLY, WELCOMING, CARING GOOD SEX RARELY DO.”

 В розвинених країнах світу стрімко набирає популярність — оренда за sекs

On the portal that, according to the official description, “is aimed at finding roommates, sharing the rent of rooms and apartments”, there is a section with the unambiguous title “Love neighbor”. In search form you need to choose the category of “free Housing”, to indicate the gender and what you need is to find a tenant or apartment, the terms of the shares, (sex, friendship without intimacy and even marriage). Database finds more than 400 proposals from men on the lease of apartments in Moscow for sexual favours (from women their just about 20, some left by the representatives of the oldest profession). The choice of cities is also quite wide — from the capital to Chelyabinsk and Minsk.

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 В розвинених країнах світу стрімко набирає популярність — оренда за sекs

Intimate with the ads here all is standard — the majority are looking for “cute, adequate girl”, offering accommodation in apartments near the metro station “Domodedovskaya”, “Altufyevo” and other stations in residential areas (the city centre is not represented).

Publications from the women with housing, seeking to create another cell of the society on the housing a solid Foundation, not in the database.

Give optional

“Not every free car rental is offered for the relationship — the experts of “NDV-real Estate”. — An obvious example is the provision of housing beyond repair, and also for care for sick or old relatives. Sometimes you can find more exotic options. For example, for posing for photos and art projects. Note that rent for sex often includes housekeeping and cooking”.


Indeed, to pay for rent, you can not only money and sex: many homeowners looking for tenants who are ready to help with the housework, care for children, care for elderly relatives and landlords.

It provides shelter for training when the tenant occupying the meters for free, simultaneously plays the role of the tutor.

However, the quality of services is no guarantee. “I do not recommend to take for the repair — you will not see no repairs, no charge,” says private Alexander realtor Harybin. And this is understandable: a good repairman is unlikely to work for accommodation — are in great demand, and problems with the housing they have, as a rule, no.

In the real estate agencies about the “intimate” lease tell reluctantly that also quite clear: realtors work on Commission, so non-cash deal not interested in them. But requests with an erotic bias, they periodically come. “In our practice there were cases when the person-the owner wanted to rent one of the rooms of your apartment solely for a young, single woman — says Director of company “MIEL-rent”. — Was the reverse situation, when a female landlord wanted to rent the room only for the lone man. Still remember the woman who for some obscure reason (perhaps she was just being true to the specific character of their tenants) as tenants considered only single men-Siberians”.

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For employers and financial feasibility “intimate” of the lease is questionable — except that if you have sex once a quarter, rent a room in Moscow, according to analysts database “World apartments”, can be an average of 15.5 thousand rubles a month.

The average price of an hour with a prostitute, meanwhile, — 3.8 thousand rubles ( the data of the Higher school of Economics) and at the exit rate rises by almost half, to 7.2 thousand rubles (at the expense of spending on transport and time costs). Thus, he decided to trade the body can cover the rent costs for a couple of trips to the client — instead of months to live with him side-by-side.

It is worth considering, however, that for prostitution administrative responsibility is provided, and a special relationship with the landlord — no.

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