In the Crimea will test an electric car based on the “loaf”

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 An electric car based on a loaf will be tested in Crimea < /p>

Russians in the annexed Crimea are creating an experimental electric car based on the UAZ-452 “loaf”.

This is reported by the Russian edition of RIA Novosti with reference to the words of the head of the association for the development of electric transport “Rustranselectro”, director of “Eltavr” Mikhail Demuria.

According to him, the tests will start in the spring of 2023. According to preliminary data, such an SUV will cost about 2 million rubles. The standard transmission and transfer case will remain in the model. An electric motor for the power steering and a vacuum pump for the car's brakes will also be installed.

“I came up with an idea – why not take a mass-produced car to create an electric car. I personally met the general director of UAZ, he liked our Eltavr car, and he suggested making an electric UAZ. The plant participates as a technical consultant, we create the car at our own expense. Why "loaf"? The machine is universal, popular and widespread in Russia, where in many regions there is snow and impassability,” he said.

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