In the center of Kiev became a bad drunk minors. Video

В центре Киева стало плохо пьяным несовершеннолетним. Видео

They removed his pants and swore.

On Monday evening, may 27, at about 17:00 to drink by “Drunk cherry”, which is located on Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya Kiev approached a young company. The guys behaved inappropriately, and one of the girls became a bad thing. The result took her by the ambulance, reports the with reference to the Informant.

Medics arrived at the scene around 20:30.

According to the Manager of “Drunken cherries”, the company was already drunk, so the staff refused to sell them alcohol. However, this only excited the young people who began to behave aggressively. Staff and visitors told one of the guys pants down.

Even after employees have taken the company table, the young people did not disperse. Ended it all is the fact that one of the girls became ill, she fell and probably lost consciousness. Fortunately, the Manager of “Drunken cherries” and concerned passers-by called an ambulance. Visiting doctors and took the whole company to the hospital.

In Mariupol police “pulled out of the loop” man. Video

Also worked at a place the crew of the police, but according to the Manager, administrative report decided not to make. He also noted that it is particularly aggressive in the actions the company was not “otherwise we would call.” He also claims that all the guys were underage.

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