In the Carpathians, the river changed its course and now flows through the village. Video

На Прикарпатье река изменила русло и теперь течет через село. Видео

Damage received more than 40 km of roads on the territory of the villages of the community.

On Tuesday, may 28, in Ivano-Frankivsk region fell heavy rain, which podtopil large areas: particularly affected the village Berezhnytsia, Kalush district.

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In the Department of civil service of emergencies in the region received 8 messages: 2 times, the rescuers went for cutting fallen trees, 6 notifications were received about flooding of farms.

Especially the water impounded village Berezhnytsia and Pidmykhailia novitskoj GSS, city Kalush, part of the neighborhood Podgorci.

“Berezhnytsia flooded so that the house barely blows. People come crying. Cows, pigs take. Because flushes and all. Has decreased a little water”, — Chairman novitskoj GSS Michael Sribniak.

Berezhnytsia village is the only village in the area where the water not only damaged the road, leaving a huge crater on it, and it completely demolished — a total of 18.5 kilometers.

In addition, the damage has been more than 40 km of roads on the territory of the villages of the community.

Grad in Kalush covered the streets in white “carpet”. Video

In Berezhnytsia left about 70 meters of the road in two places. For restoration work on those items — roads, bridges, and structures need almost 58 million UAH.

TSE PSD*y people😱Village Bereznitsa !

Gepostet von Chornyy List Kalush am Dienstag, 28. Mai 2019

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