In the capital continue to put a camouflaged bomb: “now in the University”

В столице продолжают подкладывать замаскированные бомбы: «теперь в университете»

In one of the capital’s universities, where thousands of students found disguised explosive device

It was Packed in a postal parcel and sent by post to the address of the institution.

Another incident happened in the UK. This time the specialists of explosive service had to work with hidden in a parcel bomb, which came to the University of Glasgow.

В столице продолжают подкладывать замаскированные бомбы: «теперь в университете»

On a suspicious package in the school noticed when sorting mail in the campus. The staff immediately called the police.

The bomb was destroyed in a controlled explosion. There were no injuries.

It is noted that British police attributes this explosive device, with the deadly devices that were previously found in London – Heathrow and London city airport and the railway station Waterloo. Law enforcement officers note that this is the same type of bomb.

Scotland Yard is conducting a thorough investigation. According to one version, the parcel was sent from Ireland.

As previously reported, a car filled with explosives crashed into the wall of the building of the national police Academy. Killed eight cadets. About 40 people received injuries of varying severity and were sent to nearby hospitals.

The incident occurred in the capital of Colombia Bogota. Authorities have called that attack a terrorist attack. That was said by the defense Minister Guillermo Botero.

В столице продолжают подкладывать замаскированные бомбы: «теперь в университете»

“The attack on our students from Santander police Academy of Colombia led to the death of 8 and injury of 23. I ordered the forces to redouble efforts in the area of security. Keep investigating to find the culprits. In solidarity with the families and institution”, — the Minister wrote in his Twitter.

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“Going to the scene. I ordered the Public forces to identify the perpetrators of this attack and bring them to justice. All Colombians reject terrorism, and we stand United to confront him. Columbia mourns, but not inclined to violence,” wrote the President of the country Ivan Duque on the social network Twitter.

Authorities began an investigation. Responsibility for the explosion has not yet undertaken any terrorist organization.

Recall that the militants seized a large city, the military fled with the locals.

As reported Politeka, pirates attacked the Ukrainians in the sea, have captured.

Politeka also wrote that the bar started to shoot students, dozens of people fell from the bullets.

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