In the Berlin zoo has added a family of rare animals. Video

В зоопарке Берлина пополнение в семье редких животных. Видео

Had three animal.

In the Berlin zoo being endangered Golden takin born cub, reports the with reference to Realist.

“Over the past two weeks from our Golden takin were born three cubs. Two boys and a girl curiously, but carefully, exploring their environment”, — stated in the caption of the video, published by the press service.

It is noted that these animals are not popular. Their body at the same time reminds a cow and a goat.

The takin is found in bamboo forests at altitudes of 2 000-4 500 metres. It is common in the mountains North-East of India, Tibet, Nepal, Sichuan and Shaanxi of China. The takin is listed in the International Red Book.

The Deputy of the regional Council presented lingerie. Video

The existence of Chinese takin, named “Golden”, became known only in 1911. They have become the third known of Zoology, subspecies and species Latin name prefix bedfordi, in honour of one of the dynasty of the Dukes of Bedford, passionately interested in Zoology generally, and ungulates in particular.

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