In the 10 years of playing the lottery with one combination of digits and won

В США мужчина 10 лет играл в лотерею с одной комбинацией цифр и выиграл

In the United States 59-year-old resident of Maryland won 50 thousand dollars. the lottery.

The winner plays the lottery 10 years. During the current period, he always used the same combination of numbers, reports the with reference to the UNN.

American plans to spend lottery winnings on a repair garage, as well as the purchase of new washing machines and dryers.

Explosion at gunpowder factory in Russia that injured 116 people

Recall that one of the two winners of the jackpot lottery TOTO “sport forecast” — Ukrainian Ivan Edinak that correctly predicted the results of 12 football matches and has won 233 thousand UAH, went to a lottery win for almost 30 years.

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