In Texas, the mother threw the baby to the nest

If it is not found in a timely manner, going to work, baby bitten to death by insects.

У Техасі мати викинула немовля у мурашник

In Texas, a mother threw her newborn daughter into the teeming anthill, reports Rus.Media.

On Thursday, on the territory of Texas was discovered the newborn child in the anthill. Mother left a tiny daughter alive to die under the teeth of insects which practically swarmed little body. Saved a baby one from concerned local residents.

At this time the husband went to work, but walking past the nest, I heard a strange squeak. Thinking it abandoned kitten crying, he hastened to the rescue. His surprise knew no bounds when, instead of the animal he saw of the child, which was not even cut the umbilical cord. Girl lying in the middle of a huge nest, and the insects almost stuck to her body. The child was crying from pain and fear. The man called the police on the scene. The child was taken to the hospital, she is rescued and is recovering.

Cops found the house of the mother of the newborn with blood. She’s 21, in his actions, she admitted, citing a lack of funds.

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