In Ternopil, the man died, repairing air conditioning

На Тернопольщине мужчина погиб, ремонтируя кондиционер

He fell from three-meter height because of the shock.

The result is a shock hazard failure to follow safety rules in Chortkiv Ternopil region killed people, reports the with reference for Today.

“That day, may 27, a man was repairing the air conditioner. While working, he was on an aluminum ladder. At some point, the 48-year-old got a shock of 220 volts and he fell from three – meter height,” said the police.

On the scene arrived physicians. According to law enforcement officers, the action of the current continued after the fall somewhere else for thirty seconds. Then the victim was taken to the intensive care unit. However, to save the life of a worker failed. Doctors suggest that the current struck his internal organs, but final cause of death will be known after the autopsy.

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Open pre-trial investigation in accordance with article 115 part 1 of the criminal code marked “accident”.

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