In Syria, shocked by a series of attacks on the headquarters and warehouses of the IRGC in Damascus

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 Syria shocked by series of strikes on IRGC headquarters and warehouses in Damascus< /p>

An unusual and especially powerful attack took place last night in Syria. Syrian television reported on an airstrike attributed to Israel, during which the Damascus airport area and the headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Kafr Soussa were attacked.

According to reports, the attack killed an Iranian, a high-ranking member of the Revolutionary Guards, as well as another operative of the Revolutionary Guards with foreign citizenship. The two were hiding among civilians in the basement of a school located near the Iranian embassy.

According to the official Syrian television, three large objects were attacked in Syria tonight. The first facility is a radar at the Tel al-Masih facility, located in the south of the country, south of the city of Shahba. In addition, the positions of the Syrian army were attacked in the area of ​​the city of Al-Kiswa, south of Damascus. A building was also attacked in Kafr Sousa, where Iranian Revolutionary Guards appear to be stationed.[ /embed]

In addition to these attacks, there are other reports of an attack on Iranian weapons depots where weapons destined for the Lebanese organization Hezbollah were stored.

Syria reported 13 dead and 7 injured in the attack, most of them from a building that probably belongs to the IRGC. Syrian sources said the Israeli attack tonight was the most powerful of any previous attack on the Damascus airport area in the past two years. Many ambulances arrived at the scene to evacuate the wounded and the dead.

Sources in Syria said that the target of the attack was not only Kafr Sousa, but also Seyida Zeynab, the airport, Shahba and Al-Kiswa in the vicinity the capital of Damascus, where it is estimated that there are facilities belonging to the Revolutionary Guards and Iraqi militias.

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