In Syria, parents killed a child so as not to “disgrace the family”

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 Parents killed a child in Syria to "not disgrace the family"

In Syria, the parents of a raped girl committed an “honor killing” and threw the child's body into a dumpster.

Honor killing is the crime of killing a family member, most often (but not necessarily) a female, committed by relatives for bringing disgrace (disgrace) to the family.

The five-year-old girl was reportedly abducted on November 18, raped by an unknown man, and on January 27 the child's body was found in a dumpster in Manbij, northern Syria.

Several family members of the slain girl were arrested. Investigators are working on the case.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has called on the authorities to ensure that the killers of the child are brought to justice amid an increase in so-called “honor killings” in the country.

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