In Sweden, the girl will miss the year due to climate change

В Швеции девочка пропустит год учебы из-за климатических изменений

The activist has decided to focus on the climate.

16-year-old Swedish eco-activist Greta Thunberg year will not be going to school to focus on the fight against climate change, reports the with reference on the European truth.

After graduating from the 9th grade girl wants to devote time to the climate crisis.

In September she plans to attend the summit on climate change in new York, and in December, the World conference on climate change in the Chilean capital.

Since Thunberg does not fly planes because of their negative impact on the environment, her family is currently considering the options how to get overseas.

In Sweden compulsory education requires nine years of study. Greta Thunberg says he will continue his studies next year.

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A single protest, which began Thunberg, grew into an international movement bringing together thousands of young people around the world. She Greta spoke at the conference in Davos, the European Parliament and met with the Pope. The girl nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

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