In Sweden, created a vegan burger with a “taste of human”

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 A vegan burger with "human flesh flavor" was created in Sweden < /p>

Swedish food companyOumph! created a vegan burger that tastes like “human meat”.

The creators of the dish claim that the burger tastes “exactly like human meat”, although it has no meat at all and is suitable for vegans.

“No one was harmed in the development of this product,” says Oumph!.

According to The Mirror, mushrooms, soy, wheat protein, vegetable fats and a “mysterious blend of spices.”

“The curious and the intrepid get a chance to taste the world's first plant-based burger that resembles human meat. With this special burger, Oumph! wanted to prove that it is possible to produce plant-based products that taste like “any kind of meat,” the company said.

However, the company did not explain what they used as a guide to recreate the taste and textures of human meat.

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