In Spain, women are 'attacked' with needles at parties

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 In Spain, women are

Spanish police are investigating about 50 reports of women being stabbed with medical needles at nightclubs or at parties.

CBS News reports.

So far, the police have not confirmed any cases of sexual assault or robbery associated with mysterious injections.

Spanish police have so far found evidence of drugs in one victim, a 13-year-old girl whose blood was found to contain ecstasy . Fortunately, the girl was quickly taken to the hospital.

The Spanish Minister of Justice urged anyone who believes they received an injection without their consent to contact the police.

It is noted that such cases occurred in a number of other European countries, in particular, in France, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands. In France, police have counted more than 400 reports of such attacks in recent months, according to press reports. Police say the motive for such attacks is unclear. In many cases, it was also unclear whether the victims were injected with any substance.

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