In Spain, found a third package with a bomb, now at the airbase

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 Third parcel with bomb found in Spain, now at air base

The Spanish security service found another bomb package. This time it was found at the air base in Torrejon de Ardoz, Mundo reports.

According to the media, referring to the data of the security forces, today from 3:00 to 4:00, the security service of the air base found a suspicious envelope.< br />
After X-ray analysis, it was determined that there might be a certain mechanism inside, and the Civil Guard and the National Police were warned about it.

The employees of both bodies moved to the base to guard the territory. The Ministry of Defense has already confirmed the information about the explosives to the local publication, adding that there were no casualties or losses as a result of the incident.

Law enforcement officers are already studying the package, as well as two others sent the day before to the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid and the Spanish company Instalaza, which, in particular, produces weapons for military assistance to Ukrainians.

three explosive parcels among themselves.

Meanwhile, the media express fears that such “packages” may appear in other places in Spain, and also draw attention to the fact that the Torrejon de Ardoz airbase (where the third explosive was found) is a territory of joint use by NATO forces.

Recall yesterday, November 30 an explosion occurred at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid. As it became known, one of the employees of the diplomatic department opened an envelope that contained a small explosive device. The worker was slightly injured.

Subsequently, it became known that not only the Ukrainian embassy in Spain received a suspicious package yesterday.

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