In shorts and a leopard coat: An artist from the Russian Federation celebrated her 40th birthday at the Eiffel Tower

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 In shorts and a leopard coat: An artist from Russia celebrated her 40th birthday at Eiffeleva towers

Anna Sedokova does not have complexes because of her age and is sure that every year she becomes more and more beautiful.

Anna congratulated herself on a personal blog posting a video showing the new decade impressively and confidently against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower. At this time, from the clothes on the birthday girl… black underwear and a long leopard-print fur coat.

“Happy birthday, strongest girl! If you ask me what I regret now, I will say that I did not allow myself much. Not allowed to feel, not allowed to live. And she lived, as well. Although let's be blunt— I didn't always succeed. Today I live the way I feel. Because you will never please everyone. And for yourself— definitely necessary»,— noted Sedokova.

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