In Russian cities, teenagers are detained after a mass brawl in a Moscow shopping center

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 Teenagers are detained in Russian cities after a mass brawl in a Moscow shopping center

For the second day in a row, teenagers are detained in Russian cities — alleged followers of the new youth subculture “PMC Redan”. The reason was the mass fights planned by teenagers. According to Baza, detentions are taking place in St. Petersburg, Kursk, Novosibirsk and Kazan.

In St. Petersburg, police and riot police detained more than 150 teenagers in the Gallery shopping center. Police sources confirmed that the arrests were connected with PMC Redan.

In fact, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case on hooliganism: “It follows from the materials of the criminal case that unidentified persons, acting as a group of persons, grossly violating public order, they committed hooligan actions in the shopping center “Gallery”, as a result of which several people were injured”, — explained in the Investigative Committee of St. Petersburg. It is known that a total of about 30 people were detained.

It is also reported about the detention of teenagers in the Rostov shopping center “Horizont”. According to the newspaper, the police cordoned off the mall, near which dozens of teenagers had gathered.

and “Marcos Mall”. happened at the food court “Aviapark” February 19th. After her, the teenagers “killed an arrow” to their opponents in the same mall the next day. However, “Aviapark” skirmishes were not limited and the schoolchildren agreed to fight also in the shopping center “Marcos Mall”, according to Baza.

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