In Russia, they want to create an analogue of Starlink

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 Russia wants to create an analogue of Starlink

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Russia intends to create an analogue of Elon Musk's Starlink technology, as announced by Roscosmos.

The project is to be implemented by 2030. It is planned to spend about 180 billion rubles on it.

The technology will be called “Sphere”. His idea is to “combine into a single system the capabilities and services that have appeared along with the development of space technologies.”

“After analyzing global trends, we came to the conclusion that following on the heels of competitors there is no point, new approaches and proposals are needed. They should not focus on some narrow segment, for example, providing broadband Internet access, but should link products and services based on communications, navigation, meteorology, television and radio broadcasting, satellite Internet, remote sensing of the Earth into a common line. ; says Sergey Prokhorov, director of the Department of Perspective Programs and the Sphere project.

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