In Russia, they developed an analogue of Starlink – and the layout is already ready

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 Russia has developed an analogue of Starlink - and the layout is already ready< /p>

At the Aeronet-2035 exhibition In Moscow, a mock-up of the SR NET spacecraft from SR Space for broadband Internet access was presented. It is assumed that these aircraft will work in much the same way as Starlink in the United States and other countries of the world.

“Now there is an objective need for the spread of broadband satellite Internet. It is necessary for different areas of application: for individuals who are in different hard-to-reach regions, unmanned aerial vehicles, their control and various other purposes. Now the task is to create such a grouping specifically for the goals and objectives within Russia, », — Oleg Mansurov, founder and CEO of SR Space, said.

SR NET satellites will fly at an altitude of about 600 km. The mass of each device is 460 kg, throughput — up to 40 Gbps.

SR Space claims that SR NET will be the first private analogue of the Starlink system in Russia. The launch of the first satellites is scheduled for 2024, and the peculiarity of such projects is that satellites cannot fly over only one country, they need to run around the globe. A total of 96 aircraft will be launched, which will fly in eight different planes — such a solution will allow covering the entire territory of Russia with the Internet.

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