In Russia, there was an explosion at a strategic pharmaceutical plant

 There was an explosion at a strategic pharmaceutical plant in Russia

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On Friday, April 29, at the pharmaceutical plant in the Russian Kurgan “Synthesis” there was an explosion. This is reported by the Telegram channel Baza.

It is noted that the enterprise is one of the leaders in the production of antibiotics in Russia, primarily provides the hospital sector. As a result of the explosion, the third floor of one of the buildings was destroyed, two people were injured .

The Russian authorities say the explosion was caused by a violation of the technological process.

“At the time of the incident, the working day at the enterprise had already ended. Most of the workers left the plant. The injured employee was finishing the production process. The management of the enterprise receives prompt information about the condition of the victim and provides the maximum possible assistance,” the plant said.

Local residents are worried that containers with chemicals could have exploded during the explosion. However, this has not been officially confirmed. The Russians were urged to close the windows.

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