In Russia, the number of Jews has sharply decreased over the past 10 years – population census

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 The number of Jews has sharply decreased in Russia over the past 10 years - the population census

The exodus of Jews from Russia following the invasion of Russian troops into neighboring Ukraine last year attracted widespread attention. before.

Data released last month by Russia's Federal State Statistics Service showed that a total of 82,644 people identified themselves as Jews in the 2021 national census. from Azerbaijan and the Caucasus Mountains), Israelis living in Russia, Georgian Jews, Bukharan Jews (from Uzbekistan and Central Asia), Karaites and Krymchaks (from Crimea).

Russia's previous census, taken in 2010, showed nearly 160,000 people who identified themselves as Jewish or as belonging to related groups, suggesting a more than halving over the past decade. Over the same period, Russia's total population grew by 3.5 %.

The figures do not take into account the mass exodus of Russian Jews since the start of the war in Ukraine, estimated at more than 20,000 in the first six months after the invasion. These figures suggest that by early 2023, the Jewish population of Russia may be less than 60,000.

It appears that the majority of Russian Jews who left have repatriated to Israel. According to the Jewish Agency, which facilitates repatriation, about 66,800 Russians made aliyah between 2010 and 2019.

There may have been other Russian Jews not included in the census. It is noted that 17 million people did not indicate their nationality or declared that they did not have it .

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