In Russia, the car at speed rammed the crowd of people. Video

В России автомобиль на скорости протаранил толпу людей. Видео

As a result of collision have suffered.

In Russia St.-Petersburg the driver of the car “Renault Logan” flew into the intersection on which stood a crowd of people, writes the with reference to the Apostrophe.

According to local newspaper “Fontanka”, a result of the accident there are victims.

According to preliminary data injured cyclist and two pedestrians. Among the victims is an eight year old boy. Their condition is estimated as average weight.

Witnesses said that the driver crossed the intersection on a flashing yellow signal of a traffic light and made arrival on people when I left from the collision. At the moment the driver is detained.

There were shots of a powerful explosion at the plant in Russia. Video

They also showed a video of hitting on people.

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