In Russia, clashes broke out between protesters and security forces

В России произошли столкновения между протестующими и силовиками

In the Arkhangelsk region of Russia, local residents protest against construction of a landfill for the Moscow garbage.

In the Arkhangelsk region of Russia at station Sees, where despite the protests of the local inhabitants built a landfill for disposal of Moscow of debris, the collision occurred activists and employees of chop. A group of men in the form of guards attacked opposing the construction of the landfill, says the with reference for Today.

Morning to the landfill by Trucks brought building materials, and to ensure unloading, Chopovtsy began to push activists from the site. People began to push into the ditch, the police took no action. When the builders began to unload cars with sand, on the protesters, along with private security guards went to the police and riot police.

One of acatamiento became ill, he hypertensive crisis is suspected, the activists called an Ambulance. Another man received injuries to the back and legs, the third was smashed in the face. Security forces and chop cordoned off the construction site, blocking access to it.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Committee for the protection of the Vychegda Ivan Ivanov, it is the first case when local residents spoke of the riot police.

Earlier it was reported that on may 25 at about 21: 00 the police with riot police took place in the makeshift camp of concerned citizens opposing illegal construction of a landfill for MSW on Cheese. Version – illegal frightening event.

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We will remind, building on Cheese is about a year in the absence of permits. Legally the landfill is located on lands of the forest Fund of Russia. Local residents have declared an indefinite protest because of the construction of the landfill.

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