In Russia, a man massacred in the newspaper

В России мужчина устроил резню в редакции газеты

The man demanded to publish his article.

In the Stavropol region of Russia there was a massacre in the newspaper homeland, four employees were injured. On Monday, may 27, said the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov in Instagram, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“A man with a knife attacked the editorial staff of the newspaper homeland, injuring four. It is a criminal offence. Now the attacker is arrested, the police conduct all necessary actions,” he wrote.

According to the Governor, threat of life is not affected. “Two have already released another two addressed the issue of hospitalization,” — said Vladimirov.

The interior Ministry confirmed the arrest of the attacker.

The head of the Communist party faction in the Duma of Stavropol Krai Victor Lozovoy said that among the victims — editor-in-chief, whose fortune is estimated as moderate severity. “Editor in chief Nikolay Fedoseevich Bondarenko admitted. [His condition] of moderate severity,” said willow, adding that he was wounded in the cheek and neck.

Also, according to the interlocutor of Agency, injured three employees of the regional Committee of the Communist party, in a room which is based edition.

The Ministry of health of the region said that “two of the victims were taken to hospitals, after the assistance provided one of them was sent to outpatient treatment, one was hospitalized”. “Condition is stable, not heavy, life is not at risk. Two refused hospitalization from the emergency,” — said the Ministry of health.

A man attacked with a knife on the newspaper staff, called Constantine Sydney. He suffers from serious mental disease and consists on the account in a psychoneurological clinic.

Employee editorial said that the man repeatedly came to the editor’s papers.

“The man came to the editor and started to demand to the printed article. The editor said that he such material can not be printed, and then the man took a hunting knife, which was wrapped in a pile of Newspapers, and hit editor-in-chief”, — said the employee of the publisher.

She noted that after that from the nearby offices came out other employees who tried to stop the attacker. They also got cuts. The assailant tied up the materials at hand.

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The daughter of the editor-in-chief Nikolai Bondarenko has informed the Agency that her father was operated on, he had to sew up my cheek.

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