In Rosh HaAin, police raid schools without warning

In Rosh HaAin, the police raided schools without warning

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Municipal police officers in Rosh HaAin came to schools last week to check how pupils were wearing masks. All this happened without prior agreement with the management. In fact, the police arrived and just suddenly walked into classrooms.

The Ministry of Education says this is a “ major failure '' and asks school principals how this could have happened.

As a result of the action, many children got scared and called their parents, some even cried. There was only one school principal in the entire city who did not let the police in without warning.

Rosh HaAyin City Hall said: “ As part of the fight against coronavirus, we continue to work to reduce the incidence in the city, including information -propaganda, control and enforcement activities throughout the city. Last week, a number of educational institutions tested the teaching situation in schools in connection with the increase in morbidity. The goal was to ensure that school staff follow the guidelines to keep children safe.

Since we have received complaints that inspectors have interacted with students, the rules have been changed. The teaching staff are the only ones who care about the lifestyle of students in schools. ''

The Ministry of Education has not yet provided an answer.

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