In Romania passed an anti-corruption referendum

В Румынии прошел антикоррупционный референдум

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A national consultative referendum on issues of justice, which was held in Romania on Sunday, 26 may, declared the Central electoral Bureau held.

According to the newspaper, the vote was attended by more than 40% of voters (with the required minimum of 30%), writes the with reference to UKRINFORM.

In a referendum citizens were asked to answer two questions: whether they agree with the ban on Amnesty and pardon to persons who committed corruption offences and whether citizens agree with the ban on the adoption of government emergency ordinances on amendments to the justice system. In accordance with Romanian legislation, for the subsequent approval of the results of the referendum in Parliament requires that at least 25% of those citizens voted in the referendum, gave positive responses to the proposed on the ballot questions.

According to preliminary data the Central electoral Bureau, more than 1.6 million citizens (out of the total number who voted in the referendum — more than 2.4 million) gave a positive answer to the first question, and almost as many voters answered “Yes” to the second question.

The final results of the referendum will be submitted to the Central electoral Bureau after counting 100% of protocols of election commissions, after which the results must be approved by the Constitutional court of the country.

The initiator of the referendum by the President of Romania Klaus Johannes.

As reported earlier, the government of Romania adopted a series of emergency ordinances on amendments to the justice system. In particular, we are talking about depriving the President the right to appoint judges and prosecutors, including the attorney General and the head of Department on fight against corruption.

In the latest emergency decree, the government adopted the decision on the revision of the number of criminal cases related to corruption in the higher echelons of power, the final verdict which had already been handed down by the courts. Many defendants in these cases were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment. Against the changes spoke most of the Romanian judges and prosecutors.

The Romanian President has repeatedly made statements that called on the ruling coalition headed by the Social democratic party to abandon the practice of making changes in the justice system, because these changes undermine the foundations of a legal state.

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His concern about the desire of the Romanian politicians from the ruling coalition to subjugate the judiciary expressed as the representatives of the European Union and the United States.

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