“In Ramadan, Israel will be destroyed.” On the horizon – a wave of mass terror

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Israeli media reports that the security forces fear the start of a wave of mass terror.

Brigadier General Amir Avivi, head of Tnua HaBithonistim says that a massive wave of stabbing attacks can be expected to resurface. According to the general, the reason is the approach of Ramadan and the “continuous incitement by Islamist organizations.”

Aviv says, “The reality is that Hamas has chosen to incite mass terror among the population instead of using rockets.” Campaign “Defend Jerusalem&rdquo launched on social media and “fighting on the ground”.

Avivi says: “There was a feeling that Zionism was “slowed down” and you need to take advantage of this moment. We see that the Bedouin population in the south has gone through a very significant process of Islamization and radicalization.

Avivi says security forces are “preparing for a difficult period”. Ramadan.

Security consultant Yair Ansbacher says that in a global context, Palestinians feel they are no longer being given enough attention. In order to “remind yourself” they can unleash a wave of terror. In addition, propaganda is spreading on social networks that, according to the “prophecies” in May 2022, in Ramadan, “the Zionist entity will cease to exist.” Ansbacher warns: “They believe it, and they believe that there will be a war that will lead to the destruction of Israel. The Israelis always strive for peace and tranquility, but a real people's war is being prepared against us. Unfortunately “success” Beersheba will only inspire them”.

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