In Poland, a 26-year-old mother strangled three children

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26-year-old mother in Poland strangled three children

A woman faces life imprisonment.

In Lublin, Poland, a 26-year-old woman strangled three their children. She was already detained and placed in a neuropsychiatric hospital, where she is under police surveillance, reports with reference to TSN.

The bodies of three children: & nbsp; 2-year-old girl, 4-year-old boy and an 8-month-old girl & nbsp; was discovered by their grandmother, who came to visit her daughter. The children lay on the bed and showed no signs of life. Three ambulance teams arrived at the scene, but the children were not saved, they were already dead.

The children's mother was detained. She has already confessed to three murders. Polish media report that the 26-year-old woman previously had drug problems and her partner is in prison. It is known that at the time of the murder, the mother was sober. As noted, at first glance, the woman loved her children: she often published their photos on social networks and talked about how important they are to her.

On October 1, the woman was interrogated and told her about three charges. Each of them is punishable by & nbsp; from 8 years to life in prison.

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