In one of the U.S. States have abolished the death penalty

В одном из штатов США отменили смертную казнь

New Hampshire became the 21st state

The Senate of the state of new Hampshire has overcome the veto on the draft law on the prohibition of the death penalty by state Governor Chris Sununu, reports the with reference for a New time.

New Hampshire was the last state in New England, where he was permitted the execution of offenders convicted of serious crimes. However, the vote was largely symbolic, because in new Hampshire since 1939, no one was executed.

In new Hampshire for serious crimes punishable by death were murder of a judge or a police officer and murder for hire.

New Hampshire became the 21st state in the United States, where the abolition of the death penalty.

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According to the Information center on the death penalty, the number of executions in the United States declined from a record high of 98 in 1999 to 25 in 2018.

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