In Norway, a man shot people with a bow: five dead

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In Norway, a man shot people from a bow: five dead

Information about the terrorist is kept secret.

Norway is shocked by the events of October 13 in the city of Kongsberg. There, an unknown man shot people from a bow, reports with reference to Channel 24.

Because of his actions, 5 people lost their lives, as the police said. However, nothing is said about the identity of the attacker.

New details of the shooting in Norway

The Norwegian police reported that as a result of the shooting on October 13 in the town of Kongsberg, 5 people were killed. & Nbsp; There are also 2 wounded – among them a law enforcement officer.

I cannot disclose the age and gender of those killed. & Nbsp; Let's get back to this later. & nbsp; Relatives, as far as I know, were informed,
– said police spokesman Eyvind Aas.

Law enforcement officers are not yet ready to call the attack a terrorist attack either. , except age – 30 years.

  • Togo was detained (he allegedly acted on his own), but, according to Aas, has not yet been interrogated.
  • Therefore, nothing is known about the man's motivation yet.

Important nuance: & nbsp; Norwegian security officials claim that the attacker is a citizen of Denmark, who, however, lived in Kongsberg.

It is appropriate to recall that in Ukraine there was also an attack with arrows recently. A 19-year-old girl on September 6 walked around the school with a crossbow and shot at random students and teachers. Fortunately, no one died then.

But the Norwegians still have a strong memory of the tragedy of 2011, when Andreas Breivik killed 77 people.

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