In Nof Ha-Galil, a driver knocked down a woman at a pedestrian crossing

In Nof Ha-Galil, at a pedestrian crossing, the driver hit a woman

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A 60-year-old woman died under the wheels of a car while crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing on Derech HaEmek Street in Nof HaGalil. She was fatally wounded and taken by MDA personnel to a hospital in Nazareth, where doctors were forced to pronounce her death.

Police investigators in the accident opened an investigation into the incident, and the driver of the offending car, a 39-year-old resident of Nof Galil, was detained at the scene for interrogation.

MDA paramedic Taufik Rinavi says: “The injured woman was lying on the road next to the car, unconscious. She sustained serious head and limb injuries. We provided her with primary care onsite, including bleeding control, fixation, and medication. Then we took her to the intensive care unit at the hospital, she was still breathing, but her condition was serious and unstable. ''

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