In Mukachevo bloomed “mad” Sakura

The locals gave the tree a playful name.

У Мукачеві зацвіла "скажена" сакура

Despite the snow and frost in Mukachevo cherry blossoms, reports Rus.Media. The people she jokingly called “crazy” because it blooms several times a year. While there are several buds on the other branches formed buds. Biologists say that such anomalous phenomena are actually a drain on the tree. And full bloom Sakura unlikely. It will be possible to admire a few more days.

“2017 is the year of Japan in Ukraine. Many years of cooperation between our countries, between sister-cities Kyiv and Kyoto. And I hope this cooperation and our friendship will continue and develop. Sakura is a symbol of Japan. And I am very happy to join today for planting these beautiful trees in the center of Kiev”, – said Vitaly Klitschko.

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