In Moldova recorded the invasion of snakes

В Молдове зафиксировали нашествие змей

These snakes are not poisonous.

Residents of Forty, Moldova, complaining about the invasion of the snakes. They chose Bank of the Dniester, the local fortress. Reptiles are not poisonous, but they are still afraid. Some people say that I try to avoid places where a lot of snakes, reports the with reference to the UNN.

However, other residents of the neighborhood snakes are not a concern as they are not poisonous. In the municipality the situation called “normal” and say that the lower the water level in the river, the reptiles leave the shore.

“This situation occurs when the water in the Dniester rises. Of course, snakes crawling ashore. They are not dangerous, they are snakes that live in houses, in water. They don’t cause harm. No need to worry about it and destroy reptile”, — told Vice-the mayor of the city Soroca, Michael Grabchak.

Vice-mayor of the city said that the invasion of snakes similar to this one occurred in 2008. It was also caused by the significant increase in the water level in the Dniester.

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