In Mexico out of the water “rose” an ancient temple

В Мексике из воды «вырос» старинный храм

It was discovered by accident.

In the Mexican state of Oaxaca straight out of the water “grows” ancient temple. It was built in the sixteenth century the Dominican monks. And it flooded in the 60-ies of the last century during the construction of the dam, reports the with reference on the most Important.

The last two years in this area stood the drought, and the reservoir began to grow shallow.

Due to the shallowing of the water had also seemed old cemetery.

First time Dominican Church completely naked in 2017, and it can be seen in all its glory. But soon Mexico was struck by a tropical storm “Beatrice”. For two days the reservoir is again filled.

However, after some time in Oaxaca earthquake. Wall of the dam cracked and the water began to recede.

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If the drought continues, seven months later, the old temple will fully appear from under the water.

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