In Melitopol male has riveted and threatened to burn the hostage of Necroterio

В Мелитополе мужчина приковал к себе и угрожал сжечь заложницу Нацлотереи

He demanded to extinguish debts under credits.

Melitopol police freed the employee of the National lottery, which the debtor was chained to his handcuffs and threatened to burn, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

It is noted that today 58-year-old male came to the premises of the branch of Necroterio and demanded that the 25-year-old konsultantki to pay off his debts on loans. The woman refused. The man then handcuffed her handcuffed to himself, got out of the bags bottles of fuel and oil mixture, doused the room, pulled out a lighter and locked the front door. While another employee in the branch – 28-year-old man, managed to press the disturbing button.

Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers, doctors, rescuers. Fighters of gschs opened access to the premises, and the police freed the hostage and detained the malefactor.

A criminal case under the article on hostage-taking (part 1 of article 147 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

In Kiev lost the student with attention deficit disorder

From a scene police officers withdrew a material evidence. In addition, from the premises of Necroterio seized 15 computers and money.

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