In Mea Shearim, a bus was pelted with stones, a block was dropped on the police

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 Stones were thrown at the bus in Mea Shearim, blocks were dropped on the police

Mass riots erupted in the center of Jerusalem last night on December 14 after dozens of rioters blocked roads, burned garbage cans and damaged cars.

to the Mea Shearim area and was stoned. By the time the police arrived, the tires of the bus were punctured and the windshield was shattered. Police officers called to the scene were rescuing the bus while stones and bottles were thrown at them.

At the same time, a block was thrown at the nearby Shivtey Yisrael Street, which hit the roof of the police car and caused significant damage to the windshield of the car. Following these incidents of violence, the police began to search the area to find suspects. No one was hurt in both incidents.

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