In Lviv, the mule gave chase, running away from the police

Во Львове наркокурьер устроил погоню, удирая от полиции

In the car found drugs in a million.

In Lviv, the police were going to stop the car with a damaged front bumper, but the driver left the scene, while making dangerous maneuvers. As reported in the press service of the patrol police of the Lviv region, the driver hid in the cabin of a consignment of drugs to one million hryvnias, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

“During a patrol on the street Gorodotska, a patrol of the 1st battalion saw the Audi car, which had a damaged front bumper. The inspectors decided to stop the car and check if he put the road accidents. The driver was ordered to stop, but he ignored the requirement of militiamen, increased the speed and started to run away. Police gave chase,” according to the police.

“Narcotics on mlion”. Patrolin s chase supinely among zlocina

“Narcotics on mlion”. Patrolin s chase supinely among zlocinacka, pid hour petroliana on vulitsi Gorodetsky, patrolin 1 batalyon pobachili transportni sasb Audi, yakogo Bulo packageno front bumper. Nspector versely, supinity car that perevet, Chi Briceni VIN to dorozhno-transport need. Body nadali vimovo about supinka, FR VIN : prognozov, zblu swidth pocas vtti. Pid hour pogon, driver of the Audi zdislava nebezpecne manevri, Viegas on Austro Smuga, Zdislav movement the sidewalk, Chim storywas nebezpeku for NSA uchasnikiv dorozhnogo movement. The car prestou supinus on Gazon. Vodiy Wishaw pocas vtti PSCI. Patrols Yogo has nadogradi zastosowanie schodo Vice ciganki. Cholovika pocha rospechati for chogo VIN wtev. Person pomte nervoulsy, Platalea in poyasneniya. In nspectors have vinilla PDSR scho in transport Saab mozhut Buti Gaborone first Chi rechovin. Through vikno automoble, afteri pobachili, that salon lay bagato RSNA of polietylenowych paketu s BLK powder. At the meeting place pod was welikala sldo-operativno group Salbnikova vddlo Paltz. In salon automoble Bula large number of packets s blow kristalno the z poroshkovogo recoinage, shortki foil, the Vaga, that baslc pustih of polietylenowych pacetv. Zi SLV 30-ronago Voda Audi: “there narcotics on mlion UAH”. On f pracowali expert, that was velocily recovery to the determination of price. Voda, which, by the way, vzhe pozbavlennya right control transportnymi zasobami for netherese Vodna, dostavlenii to vddlo Paltz. The right handed slim.#lvivpolice #patruleaza

Gepostet von Patrol polca Luvsick region am Dienstag, 28. Mai 2019

During the chase the driver left on an oncoming lane and the sidewalk, and then stopped, got out of the car and tried to escape. Police caught up with the offender and handcuffed.

The inspectors suspected that the car may be illegal substances or objects. Officers noticed that the interior was lots of plastic bags with white powder. On a scene caused it is investigative-task force of Railway police Department.

“There’s a drug on one million hryvnias”, — explained the 30-year-old driver of the Audi.

In the river the car hit a grandmother with a child

There were experts, seized substance for examination. The offender delivered to the police Department, and the case was transferred to investigators.

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